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Whether you need a comfortable work chair for the office or a stylish guest chair for your front desk area, Rouillard offers quality chairs that feel just as good as they look! Easily browse through our products using the Applications and Collections filters to find just what you need.
Waiting rooms, coworking spaces, and lounge areas are all important areas that require extra comfort and care. Rouillard’s quality built and stylishly designed lounge chairs are technology-enabled and modular to suit your varying workplace needs. Easily browse through our products to find just what you need.
Conference tables, collaborative work spaces, office desks, side tables and more! Rouillard designs modular and ergonomically adapted tables to match your chairs, lounge chairs, and workplace style. Configure the height and format, and select the colors, finishes, and styles to create a workspace that’s eye-catching, yet intuitively comfortable for any use case. Easily browse through our products using the Applications and Collections filters to find just what you need.
Workplace solutions
—Workplace solutions
Creating Privacy Within Your Collaborative Workspace! Designed to provide a more private setting for videoconferencing, our medias solutions features a wall enclosure fitted with a peninsula table and wire management to ensure optimum use of space.
Whether you’re looking to organize your paperwork, store precious product samples in closed compartments, or keep your resources close by on a shelving unit, Rouillard designs storage unit that is adapted to your needs and seamlessly styled to match your workspace and work habits. Easily browse through our products to find just what you need.
Space dividers
—Space dividers
The New Look of a Safe and Healthy Workplace. A distancing screen whose minimalist design, simple assembly, and easy installation allow it to seamlessly blend into any workplace with a tasteful subtleness.
Terms and Conditions



All prices are subject to change without notice. Invoiced prices are based on current list prices at the time of order entry. List prices do not include taxes, storage, insurance charges or installation.


Conditions of payment are 1 %, 10 days and net 30 days. Delinquent accounts are subject to a 1.5 % per month charge or the largest amount permitted by law, whichever is less. Rouillard reserves the right to delay or cancel any shipment for delinquent accounts as well as refuse any order from a dealer

whose account is delinquent. Where credit terms have not been established, payment in full must be received at time of order placement.


All orders are confirmed by Rouillard with an acknowledgment prior to production. Rouillard manufactures delivers and invoices based on the information on the Order Confirmation. The Order

Confirmation, together with these Terms and Conditions, is intended as a complete, exclusive and final statement of the terms and conditions of agreement between Rouillard and the



Rouillard requires all orders to be in writing to avoid any error or duplications. Telephone or verbal orders are not accepted.


Orders may not be changed or cancelled by the purchaser without the written consent of Rouillard. A cancellation or restocking charge, up to the total value of the order is applicable on orders being

cancelled or changed.


If you or your customer is unwilling or unable to accept delivery when the order is ready for shipment, Rouilard will transfer the product to storage. If the customer does not designate a storage site, Rouillard will transfer the goods to an appropriate location. Upon transferring to storage, goods are deemed to be delivered and we reserve the right to invoice as of that date and to store merchandise at the client’s. The dealer will be billed for storage of the product.


Rouillard inspects all goods and packaging at the factory, before shipping. The responsibility or Rouillard regarding damage stops when goods are loaded in the carrier vehicle and title is passed

to the purchaser at that time.


All Rouillard’s products are carefully inspected prior to shipping and are packaged according to ISO 9001 standards. Rouillard is not responsible for damage to goods which may occur in transit or storage. It is the receiver’s responsibility to examine the goods upon receipt.

Any damage or shortage must be noted on the bill of lading and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to inform Rouillard. The receiver does not have the right to refuse receipt of the goods as title has already been changed.

All packaging must be retained and available for inspection and the goods must be left at the original delivery point. Carrier liability ceases after 5 working days and neither Rouillard nor the carrier will be responsible for concealed damage if shipments are left unopened.


Claims against Rouilard, other than valid warranty claims, must be made in writing, within 5 days after delivery. Failure to make a written claim against Rouillard within 5 working days will constitute acceptance of the goods and a waiver of any shortage, errors or other claims.


Rouillard warrants all products for 10 years with exception of fabric and leather (that are 1 year), 5 years for gas cylinder, plastic components, armrests, 24/Plus Collection chairs and I year for casters. Rouillard will repair any defect which occurred in production; replace any faulty parts or components with comparable

product and correct any flaw resulting from normal use of the product, free of charge. This warranty does not apply to damage made in storage or resulting from accident, misuse, alteration, tampering, negligence abuse or use in severe weather conditions. The modification alteration or substitution

of component, assemblies or any product other than those supplied by Rouillard, without prior written authorization from Rouillard, shall void this warranty.

This warranty is the customer’s sole remedy for products defect and Rouillard will not consider any other agreement that could be used as a warranty or as an interpretation of Rouillard’s warranty. This warranty does not apply to incidental, economic or exemplary damage arising from any product defect.

To obtain benefit of this warranty, a written claim must be made to Rouillard, including description of the merchandise, claimed defect, and proof of delivery.


No return of goods will be accepted without written consent must have a RGA # and shipping instructions from Rouillard. Approved returns, for reasons other than valid warranty claims, will be subject to shipping, handling and substantial restocking and restoration charges.


Specifications and options are subject to change without prior notice.


All orders and purchases of Rouillard’s products shall be governed in all respect by the laws of the Province of Quebec.

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