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Whether you need a comfortable work chair for the office or a stylish guest chair for your front desk area, Rouillard offers quality chairs that feel just as good as they look! Easily browse through our products using the Applications and Collections filters to find just what you need.
Waiting rooms, coworking spaces, and lounge areas are all important areas that require extra comfort and care. Rouillard’s quality built and stylishly designed lounge chairs are technology-enabled and modular to suit your varying workplace needs. Easily browse through our products to find just what you need.
Conference tables, collaborative work spaces, office desks, side tables and more! Rouillard designs modular and ergonomically adapted tables to match your chairs, lounge chairs, and workplace style. Configure the height and format, and select the colors, finishes, and styles to create a workspace that’s eye-catching, yet intuitively comfortable for any use case. Easily browse through our products using the Applications and Collections filters to find just what you need.
Workplace solutions
—Workplace solutions
Creating Privacy Within Your Collaborative Workspace! Designed to provide a more private setting for videoconferencing, our medias solutions features a wall enclosure fitted with a peninsula table and wire management to ensure optimum use of space.
Whether you’re looking to organize your paperwork, store precious product samples in closed compartments, or keep your resources close by on a shelving unit, Rouillard designs storage unit that is adapted to your needs and seamlessly styled to match your workspace and work habits. Easily browse through our products to find just what you need.
Space dividers
—Space dividers
The New Look of a Safe and Healthy Workplace. A distancing screen whose minimalist design, simple assembly, and easy installation allow it to seamlessly blend into any workplace with a tasteful subtleness.
—Characteristics of an ergonomic chair

A well-designed chair not only looks good, but offers support, provides options, maximal comfort, and feels good. At Rouillard, we have mastered the art of crafting ergonomic chairs that are mindfully designed according to the highest ergonomic standards. Our experienced team understands curves, material design, texture, posture, and workspace dynamics like no other, and we always prototype our products to ensure that our clients experience top-of-the-line quality and comfort in a workspace environment that reflects their style.


Seat height should always be easily adjustable using a pneumatic adjustment lever and should allow the user to be seated in a comfortable position: feet flat on floor, thighs horizontal, and forearms at same height as work surface without having to raise shoulders.


Seat width and depth should allow the user to sit comfortably while providing the user with a seat slide to further adjust the depth of the chair. The curved front ensures that the user has space between the back of the knees and the seat.


Seat angle adjustments should be made proportionately and in accordance to the backrest angle for optimal comfort.


Lumbar support ensures that the backrest provides comfortable support to the lower back.


Quality materials that are sufficiently dense provide optimal comfort for extended sitting periods. Using quality material for coverings will allow airflow between the user and chair. It’s also recommended to use solid and sturdy materials to design the chair structure so that it provides stable support for the user.


Chair swivels allow users to reach for various workspace areas without having to stretch or get up.


The backrest curve should hug and flow with the natural curvature of the spine. If the backrest is not directly attached to the seat, the backrest angle and height should be adjustable.


Armrest height should be adjustable to support elbows and forearms so that the user doesn’t have to lower or raise their shoulders, which should remain in a relaxed position. The armrests should also be cushioned for extra comfort, and to ensure that it won’t interfere with your workspace. Keep in mind that the width and depth of your armrests may be adjustable and they may swivel.

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